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Literary Agents And Publishers Don’t Read Manuscripts.

They read book proposals. In fact, almost 90% of all published books are accepted and commissioned at the book proposal stage and not from a finished manuscript.


Agents and acquisitions editors simply don’t have the time to trudge through the overwhelming number of 200+ page manuscripts they receive from aspiring authors every week. They will simply return the unread manuscripts to authors or “file” them in the Manuscripts Closet at the end of the hall (yes, there are such closets).


If you have a great idea for a nonfiction book, the first step is not to write the entire book. Instead, your first effort should be to assemble a book proposal that succinctly and passionately describes:

  • Your book concept and structure,
  • Why you’re the one qualified to write it,
  • Why it will be embraced by a wide audience of readers, and
  • How it can be marketed to those readers.

If you’ve already written your manuscript, you can still create a book proposal from it! And even if you previously had a book published, you’ll find tremendous value in preparing a formal book proposal. It will go a long way toward helping you to clarify your thoughts about the topic for your next book – well before you begin writing it!


Most Book Proposals Are Poorly Prepared and Incomplete

Agents and acquisitions editors scan thousands of query letters and book proposals every year. And although the query letter may initially capture the agent or editor’s interest, the book proposal fails to engage them further. The truth is, a majority of proposals are returned to their authors, along with a form rejection letter, because the proposals are not sufficiently thought through, are poorly organized, or are incomplete.

Talk about lost opportunities!


The Literary Coach Book Proposal™

The Literary Coach Book Proposal evolved from my years of experience as CEO & Publisher of Business Book Review®. Of the thousands of business books published each year, I selected and summarized only the best books for our 700,000 subscribers worldwide. I learned what constitutes a successful business book. I coached countless authors, both established and new, on how to formulate their book concepts and helped them develop their book proposals. I learned what publishers are looking for in the books and authors they choose to publish.


The Literary Coach Book Proposal is the best way to prepare, position, and present your book concept and your platform as an author in one comprehensive and creative document.


The Literary Coach Book Proposal will bring the purpose and premise of your book into sharp focus. It will help you define and present your marketability as an author. It will help you prepare and organize your promotional ideas to capture the attention and interest of agents and publishers. It will save you countless hours, days, weeks, or months by bringing clarity and organization to your thoughts and unblocking your writing process.

  • Find out if you have a book within you without writing the book!
  • Formulate the best book concept and structure possible that you are truly capable of producing.
  • Allow your book proposal to stand out by avoiding some of the most common mistakes.
  • Attract a literary agent who will actively use your proposal to pitch publishers.
  • Significantly improve your chances of securing an advance and getting published!