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Scroll through our growing library of 15 to 20 minute MP3 downloadable podcasts (each includes an accompanying 7- to 9-page PDF) on important topics ranging from book concept development, to building your author platform, to producing a winning book proposal.


TLC Audio/Text Essays are an excellent way to learn more about every element of the book proposal development process. Discover how to best position your book and yourself to attract the attention of literary agents and publishers and significantly improve your chances of get published!


TLC Essays cover a number of topics that will help you:

  • Write a unique and compelling Book Concept Summary
  • Define your target audience and reader benefits
  • Build your author platform
  • Use forewords and endorsements to enhance your platform
  • Craft attention-grabbing query letters
  • Assess the pros and cons of self-publishing

…and many more!



How to Acquire and Work with a Literary Agent


How to Write a Query Letter


Developing Your Book Concept


Building Your Author Platform


Becoming Skilled at Public Speaking


Writing the Competitive Section of Your Book Proposal


The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing



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