TLC Book Proposal Template template

I have taken my years of experience in selecting and summarizing top business books, and working with publishers, literary agents, authors, and publicists, and compressed that knowledge into The Literary Coach Book Proposal Template. This small investment will save countless hours, days, weeks, months. Or make this the effort you will finally take in determining if you have a book in you or not. As The Literary Coach, I have help many first-time authors and established authors flesh out and significantly advance their book concept.


Ive helped many consultants, speakers, dreamers, move from the I think I have a book in me to framing and presenting a unique competitive offering to agents and publishers.


Benefits of the TLC Book Proposal Template:
  • Organize your thinking.
  • Cut your development time in half.
  • Sharpen the concept of your book.
  • Give the literary agent and publisher a thorough understanding of your book and your platform.
About the TLC Book Proposal Template:
  • 32-page PDF with annotated directions and ideas for completing each book proposal section
  • 13-page, fully-formatted Word document template that can expand to a 30 or 40 page book proposal
  • Both valuable documents compressed into a zip file and ready for your download

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