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“John knows the world of publishing like the back of his hand and provided just the right high value tool for my co-author and me. His book proposal template gave us very specific guidance (much more than other guides) on how to write a winning proposal. We did "win" and got a book contract with a great publisher. The odds of doing so are very long and John's template and advice helped us beat the odds.”

Jeannie Coyle
jeannie coyle + company


“Your book proposal is the most complete document I have ever worked with. You have enabled first time authors to truly put their best foot forward. You also have a knack for knowing what will sell. We value your input, John.”

Donya Dickerson, Editor
McGraw-Hill Publishing


“John’s years of experience as publisher of Business Book Review has made him a definitive source of knowledge on what constitutes a successful business book. He knows what interests publishers and the discipline of his book proposal format proves it.”

John P. Schreitmueller
President and CEO, Resolute Consulting Group


“John Fayad is a master at seeing things in an organized and meaningful way. He is also an effective teacher and has the ability to extract clean thinking and organized thoughts from the people he coaches. As a writer’s best friend, John helps writers truly express themselves within a structure that enables a clear communication of their book concept.”

George Wright
President, Wright Consulting, Salt Lake City, ID
Creator of the “Will It Blend” social media phenomenon


“John is great at organizing your vision in a way that both respects your ideas and presents them in the most compelling way to the reader. Plus, his comprehensive knowledge of the publishing world has been indispensable to my work. Two big thumbs up!”

Mike Pniewski, Hollywood actor
President, Act to Win, Inc.
Author: “When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw ‘em Back!”


“John Fayad was instrumental in assisting us to define our book proposal to major publishers. He is the author's champion who clearly understands how professional publishers work, what drives them, and how to position your book to align with their requirements. Moreover, he is fun and highly collaborative in his working relationships. I recommend him highly.”

Carlos Quintero
President, Sales Effectiveness, Inc.
Author: “Catalyst5 - Making the Leap from Sales Manager to Sales Leader”


“John Fayad was the perfect fit when I decided to write my first book. His counsel saved many hours of wasted time and disappointments. John definitely knows the book publishing business and how an unknown author can best pitch himself. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to any new author as his input will be a great help.”

Rick Wemmers
President, Wemmers Consulting Group, Atlanta GA
Author & Speaker: “Silver Bullets for Quick Revenue Growth”


“Working with John to architect my book concept was one of the most creative engagements I ever participated in. Once I had the book concept and then saw the structure, I knew what I needed to write against. Collaborating with John saved me months of starts and stops. He’s worth every penny.”

Tom Gorman
U.S. Davis Cup Captain-Coach, 1986 to 1993, and professional speaker


“John Fayad is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the publishing business, highly creative at positioning your idea and thorough in advising you through the preparation of a book proposal. I could not have completed my first book without John’s advice and support.”

R. John Young, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman, McLaughlin Young Group, Charlotte, NC
Author: “The Five Essential Leadership Questions”


“I value your creative ideas, suggestions, and subject-matter insights. You’re just what I need to get going and stay focused. You’re a walking encyclopedia!”

David Nour
President, The Nour Group, Inc.
Author: “Relationship Economics”


“John, Because of our partnership I now SEE where I want to go. I’m willing to work hard to get there and with a literary coach like you to keep me focused, I know I will.”

Barbara Giamanco
President, Talent Builders, Inc.


“Based on the terrific ideas and brainstorming just from that short meeting, you provided much needed strategic direction, tactical ideas, and motivation surrounding the creative process of my book development. Your knowledge and experience guided me along the right path in order to avoid wasted time and resources.”

Pamela Katz
Senior Consultant, Cadence Group, Inc.



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